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Category :- sude Author :- vishnu namboothiri 
Posted on September 8, 2017, 5:19 am

In Yoga, it is said that `What you eat is what you are.' Meaning the food has a direct impact on human mind, personality and behavior. After all Yoga is basically a healthy life style for spiritual upliftment!

The Science of Yoga has both, ideology and technology: suggestive theory and practical methods. Yoga suggests and supports vegetarian diet, naturally grown fruits and vegetables, all grains, pulses and dairy products as a healthy diet with few options. The options are available to those who have reached the higher level of understanding and perception. The yogic diet emphasis vegetarian and dairy products for mainly two reasons, firstly: The principles of Yoga are based on the laws of the Mother Nature and secondly it purely believes in the core nature. The more you are close to the nature you are more healthy, the more you are away from her you are more sick and ill and most unhealthy!


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