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The Great Alaskan Bush Company -GABC
Category :- Night Clubs Author :- Daniel 
Posted on May 5, 2017, 4:21 am


When i first walked into The Great Alaskan Bush Company. I felt welcome. I was greeted by their security personel Wayne and Adam. They asked for my ID. Saw where I was from and started a nice short conversation. I then was directed to the right where I walked up a little incline to the bar as I got to the top of the incline I bumped into some interesting locals, they were laughing having a great time.

I stopped and figured I would order my drink there. The bartender, he goes by Jackson walks up and asks "What Can I Get Ya"? I repllied "I Would Like A Jaeger And Redbull, Please" Jackson was very prompt with mixing the drink and serving it. The drink was perfect. Not to stron and not to weak.

Then I met Todd and Robbie. These 2 guys are quite the characters. They had me laughing in minutes. After talking to them for a good 20-30 minutes, I figured I should go check out the place. I had only made it 20 ft into the door.

I walked down the bar to the middle and I was inline with the stage. I was instantly greted by a wonderful lady that goes by Phoenix. She walked up to me and asked I would like a seat. I said Yes Please and she guided me over to a table close to the stage and sat down and talked to me. She introduced herself along with every girl that walked by. Anothe gal sat down on the other side of me not violating my space and we had a great conversation and I asked If they would like a drink? I bought them both a drink and after about 15 minutes one got up and walked around while the other stayed and visited then she got up and walked around and Phoenix came back and asked If I would like a lap dance. I said sure. and she took me over to a booth and danced very professionally in front of me.

I have to say.. The Great Alaskan Bush Company Staff definately makes you feel like your at home. Very friendly enviroment. Perfect atmosphere. Surrounded by truely great people.

I did not see one person in there that was not smiling having a great time.

I highly recommend checking it out if your ever in Anchorage, Alaska. It's just 10 minutes from the International Airport.


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